Search Engine Optimisation and Free Information

Two unrelated links – Ethical Search Engine Optimisation. As some of you might know, my career started out when I was hired by was was effectively the marketing and SEO arm of a major web agency. (And yes, some years later, I worked for a permission based email marketing outfit, and now I work in the music business for a very much pro-DRM outfit. I figure the only way it can get worse is if I get into virus-writing for organised crime for my next job.) Anyway, while the ideas he’s putting out are basic common sense to me, it might be a useful reference for explaining this sort of thing to others in the future.

Secondly, the World Summit On Free Information Infrastructures is on in London next weekend, and looks like it could be very interesting.

(Credit where credit is due department: I ran across that last one on Friday, but it’s only seeing it and the ESEO on Tom Coates’ blog that has reminded me to link it.)

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