How I Know I’m A Geek.

Tonight I got home at a bit after seven. Since I have no food in the house, I planned to go to the gym about half eight, and then pick up a sandwich or something on the way home. So I thought I’d use the hour or so I had in hand to get a bit of work done. Specifically, some data modelling for the Programming Project That Will Not Die. This will teach me to try and build a web app of LJ-level complexity on my own, in my spare time. If anyone fancies learning Ruby/Rails along with me, and wants to pitch in, speak up. (And if anyone’s got any experience of building calendar/scheduling type apps, please speak up, because I need to pick your brains.)

Anyway: It is now a bit three hours later, and I have just looked at the time and realised that I have forgotten both to go to the gym and indeed, to eat. So I’m going for a walk around the block to blow the cobwebs out, and then, in the absence of dinner, I shall drink a beer. Beer is still food, right?

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