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The Skeleton Key: avoid like the plague.

The best thing about it are the snatches bits of top class old delta blues that get played on a couple of creaky old record players, and The Dixie Cups version of “Iko Iko”. And while I might well buy the soundtrack, this really isn’t enough to carry a whole movie. I mean, I like voodoo mentalism as much, hell, probably quite a lot more than the next man. I should not be a hard sell for this. But this was poor. They spend the fiirst half of the movie setting you up for a “make-you-jump” voodoo fest with what looked to be first-act-guns for a showdown involving poor bastards with their eyes and mouths sewn shut, and animate severed tounges, and dead black men swinging from lynching ropes and looking for revenge. Top class nonsense.

This is not what it delivers, and the sudden gear change two-thirds of the way through is annoying. It’s got a perfectly sound basic horror premise, but it sets you up to believe it’s going to exectue it one way, and then does it another, and rather than the “Ah! Shock Twist!” reaction they were hoping for, I just felt like I’d been cheated out of my voodoo zombies.

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