Not Really A Bloody Hippy.

So I did that interests meme. It makes me sound like a mentalist.

Chaos Magic – I have no truck with magic as religion at all, and since many of my friends are some flavour of Wiccan, I tend to keep schtum when they start talking. I have no truck with spiritual experiences that you can’t have alone. I don’t believe in the supernatural, only the natural that science has not yet explained. I don’t believe in the need for silly rituals, or treating Crowley and his ilk as anything other than a bunch of suspect perverts. I do, however, believe in the ability to affect the physical world by an act of will that is most easily labelled as magic. I’ve done enough experimentation to satisfy me that it works. And, from time to time, on small things that don’t really matter, I cheat at life, using my own techniques. So that’s why it’s there.

Egyptian Theatre Of Marvels – Or, more properly, “The Moon and Serpent Grand Egyptian Theatre of Marvels”. Alan Moore’s magical performance group, responsible for some of my favourite CDs, and some of my views on the relationship between Magic, Art and Life.

Gonzo Journalism – Writing with energy, commitment, clarity, passion and honesty. Brilliance.

Ideaspace – “That plane of concept and idea, where thought is form.” “It steam engines when it’s steam engine time.” “An idea whose time had come.” Ever noticed how an idea catches on? Or two people often have very similar ideas, independant of each other? It’s happened to me more times than I can count. Partly magic, partly creativity, there’s an art to mining the topographies around our heads.

Neon – I like shiny modern electric things. I like ’em best when they’re blue.

Photography – How’d this get on my interests list?

Sarcasm – I have no interest in sarcasm whatsoever. It’s not funny, it’s not a good way of making comment on anything, and it’s certainly not big or clever.

Tansads – The best band in the world, ever.

Undercities – Both the underground, and the past, a shorthand for the things that are beneath our feet in the dark.

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