Staff managment:

At 4pm today, most of the line managers in my company were called to a meeting. Not, however, my boss. (This may be because we’re in a tiny satellite office – my company’s equivalent of Siberia, and tend to get overlooked, or it may be something else, I don’t know.)

At 5pm today, when they returned to their staff, they were instructed to give out a message to their staff: “We have made some people redundant already. We will be making some more people redundant next week, but we can’t tell you who right now.”

Am I then only one that things that telling your workforce at 5pm on a Friday that you’ll be sacking some of them next week, but not telling them who, is a stonkling poor piece of management, to say nothing of a basic failure as humans to have a regard for the mental states of those you employ?

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