Spreading like a…

Complete your own metaphor here. Prizes awarded for answers that make me laugh.

Tagged to do that “Top 6 songs” thing by mrtreacle. Usual tedious “only six” and “only valid for next ten minutes” disclaimers apply, because obviously, I want you all to think I’m the sort of deeply interesting person that loves all sorts of music, and has a really hard time picking just six out of the huge breadth of my taste.

But despite the fact that I listen to both classic jazz, and obscure shit that shounds like a three year old trying to fit a cat into a kettle, my list is, in fact a tediously predictable load of uncomplicated alt-type stuff, because I’m a tediously precitable and uncomplicated alt-type at heart, and I really can’t fight it. So, in fact, forget those disclaimers. It was quite easy to do this, and you can regard this list as good for a whole month or two. Yes.

Tom Waits – “Come On Up To The House”.
Tansads – “Drunken Serande”.
Dropkick Murphys – “The Dirty Glass”.
Shane MacGowan and Sinead O’Connor – “Haunted”.
Firewater – “Dark Days Indeed”.
Flogging Molly – “Within A Mile Of Home”.

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