Expression in pictures.

It’s an interesting meme, innit? I mean, I can guess a few number of the words or phrases people used, or at least the gist). But the ones I’m stumped on, I haven’t the first fucking clue what people might have said.

But I had a different point with the post, and it’s this: I want icons. Bought a permanent account yesterday, and I’ve now got the Stupid Number Of Icons that comes with it. So I’ve decided to abandon my long held rule that I’ll only use pictures of me, not least because I almost never use anything but this one, and now that I have more icons that I could possibly use, that somehow seems a shame.

So, new rule: I’ll only use pictures of me, or icons based on photos I’ve taken. (Oh, and not animated ones. There many are excellent reasons why you should never use animated icons.)

Which is where you lot come in. Because I’m shit at this LJ-icon making lark, and some of you are quite good at. So, if you feel like it, head over to electricana, and make icons out of what’s there. I don’t promise I’ll use them all – if nothing else, I’ll have to get over the shock of people chopping up my beloved pictures and probably putting words all over them. But I do want some new icons, so you’re in with a pretty good chance. And if I wind up using your icon or icons a lot, then you can a) be smug, and b) claim a drink off me.

And finally: anyone who does not own Tom Middleton’s Cosmosonica Volume #1 is missing out, in a very big way.

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