Back In The County Hell

Or, to translate from the MacGowan, returned from Scotland. I see we’re braced for another grim summer down here.

U2 were good, although the crowd made it pretty much the worst gig I’ve ever attended. But I did get to go see Flogging Molly again the following night – I had no idea that they were playing but davebushe spotted it in the listings that morning, so I dragged mindwanders along with me, and had the usual completely storming time. Photos to follow, with any luck – I’ve got about 350 of the bastards to process when I get a minute.

The trip has given me a few things to think about, so I’ll try and write them up when I’ve got a bit more space to mull them over. For now, thanks to all the chums I saw while in Scotland, huge apologies to those I failed to catch up with through lack of time.

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