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In the last couple of weeks, I’ve had three or four people chastise me for not updating this thing enough, and generally not saying very much about what’s going on in my life.

This is really because nothing much is going on.  I get up, I go to work, which ranges between the tedious and the quite-a-lot-of-fun, I come home.  Uniquely among Londoners, I still enjoy my commute.  Sometimes I exercise.  Sometimes I play computer games.  I watch The West Wing and CSI.  Once in a blue moon, I remember that I live with some of my favourite people, and spend a bit of time in the living room with them.  I read books.  At weekends, I either go out and have a splendid time, or I stay in and rest.  I do less of the latter than I probably should.  I engage in Chronic Nerdism every other weekend, but I balance it by y’know, being ungodly cool at all other times[1], and by gigging and clubbing and going to Cultural Things as and when I notice that there are some.  This is my life.  I like it a lot.

In short, I have fallen into a very comfortable rut.  Of course, having admitted to that in public means that something is going to happen fairly soon to disrupt it.  I hope it’s a good something.

But anyway – that’s why I haven’t updated about exciting events in my life very much.  I’m having a good time, but it’s really not very much out of the ordinary, because, well, I lead a nice life, every last one of my friends is a marvellous human being (even those that don’t believe it – as in all things, I am right, so hush), and well, I have no massive Angst or Pane, and I am not pissed off at the world very much.  Therefore, my LJ has largely become a means for me to organise Things To Do, in order to perpetuate this cycle of Having Lots Of Fun.

In other news, I have my bedroom window open, and the neighbours are playing some Queen best of quite loudly.  I think this calls for some sort of response.  I think perhaps quite a lot of The Fall.

[1]  Shut up.  It’s my delusion and it makes me happy.  I see no reason to change it.

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