Notes to self:

  1. Remove head from arse before thinking.
  2. Eat more fruit and veg.
  3. Regular exercise is your friend.
  4. A bit of fresh air now and again wouldn’t kill you, either.
  5. Reminder: see item 1
  6. Spend a bit more of your own time on webdev projects.  Make ’em clever ones.
  7. More photos!
  8. Don’t worry.  It’ll either happen, or it won’t.  There’s no point in tying yourself in knots.
  9. Re-read 45 and The Te of Piglet.
  10. Reminder: see item 1

Lest I be accused of being needlessly cryptic: I am aware of a downturn in my general mood over the last month or so, that doesn’t seem to be fucking off like I’d hoped it would.  This is, obviously, not on.  I refuse to be Tedious Whining Bastard Man, because that’s no fun for me, or anyone else.  So rather than set down what’s bothering me, which is just a terribly TWBM thing to do, I thought it’d be rather more constructive to set down what I propose to do about it, so’s I’ve got something to hit myself over the head with.

So, while I think of it: April looks alarmingly calm and social-life free, which is nice.  This means I have more weekends in which I can do something useful.  As, in fact, I’m going to go and do now.  See you all later.

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