Mmmm, Cake.

Right now, I am mostly thinking about stuffing my face with cake.  There are many reasons for this – cake is never far from my thoughts, after all – but chief among them is that annwfyn‘s post earlier today has reminded me that one of the London Things I have always meant to get around to doing is having afternoon tea at a posh hotel.  I like afternoon tea.  Scones and jam and cream are one of those things that reassure me that the world does make sense after all, especially if they’re accompanied by something nice to drink.  The fact that I can have them served to me by men in absurd outfits only makes it better.

Anyway: the Savoy seems to come recommended and costs 24 quid per head, for which, by the sound of it, they will feed you until you beg for mercy which is the sort of thing I like in a restaurant.

If I were to attempt to make a booking for a Saturday afternoon in the not-to-distant future, would anyone care to join me?

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