I May Be Some Time.

I got another new toy today.  (Yes, I know there is a new one coming.  Previews what I have seen suggest it will not be a huge upgrade, and I got a bit knocked off the price precisely because there is a new one coming.)

I think it is safe to say that after an hour or two of playing with it (really not doing much besides getting used to the basics of controlling it), that I am completely fucking delighted with it.  I think I can finally stop butting my head against “but my camera just won’t do X”.  Or course, I first have to learn to make this one do what I want, so I will now be forced to spend many, many weekends playing with it, and really getting to grips with all these exciting new manual settings.  So you’ll all have to excuse me for a while.  Pretend I’ve started a new relationship, and am in that “can’t spend enough time in each other’s company” stage.  It’s probably more or less accurate, although there are less fluids involved…

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