“And So We Return And Begin Again.”

Lovely weekend.  Thanks to all, esp. miss_soap for sorting it out in the first place – hope the afflictions clear up soon… 

As for everyone else, well,  imagine a huge list of LJ tags here, many of which I don’t know, because outside the M25, people are still introduced my their real names, rather than their LJ usernames.  It’s a quaint little custom, and when in Rome, after all.  Lovely to see/meet/get to know everyone a bit better.

For the benefit of the rest of you who weren’t there: I have been stuffing my face and drinking the Good Booze in Norfolk.  You were probably not, and that’s sad for you, but I hope you had a good time doing whatever it was you were doing.  You will not understand if I wax lyrical about the ravioli, so I won’t, although I would like to mention the pig that gave its life so that we could have that fantastic bacon with breakfast.  It was obviously some kind of Hero Pig, to produce bacon that good.

Now I have ten bajillion emails to sort out.  And work tomorrow, which is a bit rubbish, but the men have to work, after all.  And I’ve got another four day week coming up, and then two days drinking even better booze than this weekend, so it’s a bit of a result all round.

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