And again: My Birthday.

Right then. It’s March. This means it’s almost my birthday. In related news, the other night I discovered the other night that apparently, if Jesus wasn’t born on December the 25th (as he almost certainly wasn’t), the most plausible date for his birth is apparently March the 25th. Something to do with there being a planetary conjunction that would have looked like a star, or something, and a badly-estimated equinox, or similar nonsense.

Sounds mad as badgers to me, but who am I to argue with the son of god?

So, having firmly established that the day of my birth is an extremely important event, that has changed the world, and lead to all sorts of madness and suffering over the last couple of thousand years, I feel you have the proper context to understand how important it is to celebrate it.

So, as you’ll recall, the plan is this:

Friday the 25th – Dinner at Boisdale. I am aware that this largely excludes vegetarians and those who don’t have a limb or two to spare to cover the cost of dinner and drinks, but since I am a meat-eating bastard with a cabinet of spare limbs, I don’t care. (Also, I am doing plenty of stuff that anyone can join in on.) But this should be an extremely civilised night out, and well worth it, anyhow.

Saturday the 26th – Cocktails and clubbing. Clubbing will almost certainly mean Slimelight, as I can’t be arsed to be imaginative about it. Cocktails, on the other hand, is more complex. Depending on how many people are up for it, it’ll either be at my place (in which case, I will be asking those who are coming to each bring a bottle of a specific spirit so that we’ll actually have enough to drink), or if loads of people decide they want to come, at a bar in town. I don’t know which one, and will happily accept suggestions.

Sunday the 27th – A film of some stripe in mid-afternoon, followed by drinks at the Big Chill Bar, because I like it there.

Monday the 28th – Pub lunch, followed by wandering around somewhere nice like a park or an art gallery, or something. More details nearer the time.

Anyway, once again, I’m asking for you to indicate what you’d like to join me for, more concretely this time.

Particularly important:

Do not tick the Boisdale box unless you are definitely going to come – I’ll be making a reservation there for an appropriate number of people early next week.

With the cocktails: if you don’t mind which, please tick both boxes. I need to judge how many people want to come, so I can work out whether we can all fit in the flat, or not.

Also lilitufire is in town for this lot as well, also celebrating her birthday, and obviously, it is extremely important that she return home impressed by with wit, charm and style on offer in London. So I need you lot to pick up the slack for me…

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