Mr Self Destruct

At around four pm yesterday, I felt like I was coming down with a cold.

So, I did what any self-respecting Stupid Bastard would do.  I battered it with cocktails until I couldn’t feel the symptoms, and then I went clubbing, and battered it with other things.  I have woken up with afternoon feeling cold-free.  So, either it turns out the cure for the common cold has been under our noses all along, and is a lot more fun than previously suspected, or the Black Death is in the post, and when the after-effects of the various toxins I have shoved into my system this weekend wear off, I am going to just fall over.  I shall report back  Or not.  For now, I have orange juice, Very Good Bourbon (thanks to alexdecampi) and the new Brookmyre novel to read, all accompanied by the Alabama Three’s sweet, pretty, country acid-house music.  I shall see you later, when I shall discourse on thrilling topics like Valentines Day (sort of), and the terrible hassle of being both basically lazy and popular (kind of).

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