Joy and Hassle

I have a new toy.  I have made it to payday with enough in the bank for an iPod shuffle, so, in accordance with my promise to myself, I have bought one for gym-going purposes.  Hurrah, go me, etc.  But since I want it for the gym, the automatic, random-loading function wasn’t what I wanted.  Even now, it is filling with a playlist selected for gym-going benefit.  But it’s taken me all bloody night to compile the fucking thing.  I’m pretty sure some of you must have solid-state MP3 players, that require you to select a small amount of music to load onto them.  How do you cope?  I mean, I’m almot never planning to adjust what’s on this, and thank god for it.  If I had to do it a couple of times a week, I think I’d kill something….

In other news, the Glenfiddich Caoran Reserve is great with ice.

Stop looking at me like that – it’s only half a step up from the regular pish you can get in any pub, so I feel no guilt about this little experiment.  The water/chill brings out the Islay peatiness a bit more, without killing the sherry flavours.  It’s a bit less subtle, perhaps, but a very nice drink.  Maybe I’ll learn to appreciate Islay malts yet.

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