So, what’ve I been doing?

Foodshopping, mostly.  Last Saturday, I went round Borough Market with burge.  Saw many lovely foods, and bought extremely nice cider and brownies.  Yesterday, I went to L’artisan du Chocolat (and then the Natural History Museum, which was annoyingly full of small humans, and irritatingly lacking in quality dinosaur action, but fun nonetheless) with zoo_music_girl, and bought what I have every reason to believe will be marvelous chocolate.  I haven’t tried any of it yet, because I have a cold, and my tastebuds are shot, and it’d just be wasted on me right now.  I shall report back later in the week, though.

And speaking of having colds, this is now the second one I’ve had in as many months.  Will whoever it is that goes around giving me diseases please stop it?  I had planned to go out and be excitingly social last night, but instead, I staggered home after the NHM and collapsed.  This is no good, especially since I can’t take time off work sick while in my probationary period unless I want to add another three months onto it.  And since I’d like to buy a house some time in the near future, this is not an option.

Right.  I’m going back to bed.  If I’m going to be unwell, I will at least take the excuse to lie in bed, read and watch DVDs in a guilt-free manner.

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