Lovecraft-based joy!

Ia!  Cthulhu!  Etc!

So, I ordered a CD of Lovecraftian Christmas carols (before anyone says anything: 1) I’ll still have it next christmas, won’t I? and 2) Exactly how festive do you really think songs like “I Saw Mummy Kissing Yog-Sothoth” are?).  But there’s been a slight cock up, and what I’ve got is a copy of “A Shoggoth On The Roof”, the songs from a brilliant sounding bit of Lovecraftian musical theatre, as done by these marvellous people.

I’ll be getting in touch with them about sorting this out, but I suspect that “sorting this out” will actually translate into saying “well, you cocked it up, but I really like what I got, so how about I just pay you again and you get it right this time…”

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