2005: Light Writing

So, as I hope most of you are aware, I’ve started a photoblog over at electricana.  I started it in an idle moment, figuring that if I put up a couple of images a month, I’d be doing pretty well.  Instead, I have suprised myself by managing to put photos up at the rate of more or less one a day.  More surprising still, is how rewarding I’ve found doing it.

So I’m going to keep doing it, in the hope that I’ll get better at it.  I’m setting myself a target of putting five new photos a week on there every week for the next year.

Why am I telling you this?

Because I’m an attention-seeking tart, obviously.  It’s looking like this is going to be my major creative project for the next year, and at the moment, it’s got an audience of about 20 people.  I’d like to build that up a bit.  So, firstly, this is just a reminder that the journal exists for you to friend if you’d like.  It won’t break your friends page, and it won’t be loads of big images.  Unless something goes wrong, I won’t be posting more than one picture a day, two at the most, and none of them will be huge.  Go on, validate me.

But secondly, and more importantly: Tell your friends.  If you see an image you like on there, feel free to repost it in your own journal, providing you credit me, and post a link back to electricana.  Do this as often as you like.  Encourage others to friend the journal, or link to it in whatever way they’d like, if they’re not on LJ.  You will not need to know me in order to (I hope) enjoy the photos.  This is not going to be a photo diary, and it won’t contain loads of tedious photos of people they don’t know, unless the shots are interesting in and of themselves.

So.  electricana.  Tell Your Friends.

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