No, I haven’t forgotten…

I will get to them all in the end, honest…

The pilot gunned the engine of the seaplane a little nervously.  If he was caught here, he was in big trouble – the area was off limits to all non-governmental traffic.  His passenger has sworn that they’d bribed all the right people in the interior ministry, but she was already an hour late returning, and his confidence was fading fast.

He’d just made up his mind to leave anyway when miss_soap came sprinting out of the jungle at the edge of the beach, and dived into the sea.  The shouts and angry yells of the local tribesmen follwed her, as she struck out toward the the plane.  A few spears splashed down in the water near her as the savages broke through the treeline themselves.

“Go, Go!” she yelled, grabbing onto a pontoon, and beginning to haul herself up, one hand holding her wide brimmed hat in place.

A few arrows bounced off the side of the plane, and more fell uselessly behind them as the they took to the air.

“Did you get what you came for?” he asked, turning round briefly to look at his passenger.

miss_soap grinned in reply, pulling a small pouch from where it’d been tied to her belt, and tipping the contents out.  It gleamed brilliant gold as it caught the sun.  “The Lost Idol of Huehueteotl.  Stolen by the Spanish in the 15th century, stolen back by the remains of an Aztec cult in the 18th century.  The museum is going to love this…”

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