I feel Rubb-ish.

Yes, I do seem to have a cold.  Bollocks.  Early to bed with a hot toddy for me.  But before I go:

redscharlach once wrestled a bear and won.  It was a big bear, and it was savage, but redscharlach had been training for it, and she was more than ready.  She was quicker, meaner and more vicious than any bear could ever hope to be.  She hooked, and gouged, and fought as dirty as she knew how (and though you’d never think it look at her, she knew how to fight very dirty indeed), and she knocked that bear to the ground.  It never knew what had hit it.

So bear that in mind, the next time you see her.  You may enjoy her company on many levels, and indeed, her wit is sparkling, and her intellect impressive, but bear in mind, as you bask in her presence, that in addition to having mastered all the accomplishments proper to a lady of her station, redscharlach once wrestled a bear and won.

(The bear, if you’re curious, was stuffed and mounted, and now stands in the Ashmolean Museum.)

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