I am, I concede, easily pleased.  It doesn’t take much to make me happy.  For instance: today, I have been shopping, and then for a drink with budgie_uk.  I have picked up a few DVDs, and yet another bottle of whisky.  I hadn’t meant to, but it looked so pretty, and it wasn’t expensive.  I also popped into a specialist coffee retailers, and picked up some whole beans.  I’d gotten out of the habit of doing that, ever since I cut back heavily on coffee.  I try not to drink more than a mug or two a day, these days.  Which means that making whole cafetiere loads the way I used to is out, really.  So I stopped buying beans, because I always wound up with more coffee that I could use/was willing to drink, however nice it was.

I got given one of those tiny re-fillable one cup devices for Christmas – you know, the bit of plastic with a filter at the bottom that sits over the cup, like a mini-drip filter.  I’ve been buying M&S one-use versions that come prefilled with coffee for a months now.  Telling myself they made a perfectly good cup.  And they do, I suppose.  I mean, they’re not actually poisonous, unlike Nescafe, or similar filth.

But they’re not a patch on the real thing.  I’d forgotten how nice it was.

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