Camera Obscura

Well, I’ve had a flatteringly positive reponse to the photos I’ve put on-line over the last few days, and the combination of Flickr and Livejournal really does make photoblogging a complete and utter doddle.  So I’m going to take a stab at doing it on a reasonably regular basis.

So, rather than cluttering everyone’s friends pages with stuff they don’t want, I’ve set up a new journal at electricana to hold my photos, so that those who’re interested can opt-in to seeing them.  Feel free to friend away – I’ll probably get round to friending back at some point, but it won’t ever have any friends-locked content, so I won’t make it a priority to check that sort of thing, in case anyone’s the type to get offended at the lack of reciprocity.

Due warning: I don’t intend to LJ cut the shots, and I expect they’ll all be about the size of the ones that’re there at the moment, so you may wish to keep it off any filter you use to skim read with.  On the other hand, I won’t post more than one pic in an entry, and if I’ve got a bunch of pics to show off at once, I’ll probably choose maybe one or two favourites to put on LJ, and then just link through to my flickr pages, so it shouldn’t be a terrible burden on anyone’s friends page.

I found a few old shots I still like in my archives, so they’ll probably go up in the next few days.

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