And the dozen…

lilitufire was a devil on the flying trapeze.  It was all in the timing, she said.  She thrilled the crowds with her death-defying aerial acrobatics – somersaulting back and forth between her astonishing assistants, high above the ground, without the benefit of a saftey net.  Men and women gasped in fear and astonishment as she flung herself across the void between the two swinging trapeze artists, nothing but empty air beneath her, executing a bewilidering series of twists and turns as she flew.

Women admired her.  Men desired her.  She had everything.  Fame, fortune, the adulation of all who saw her.

And then, one day, at the height of her powers, she quit.  Hung up her sequined leotard, dismissed her astonishing assistants, and headed out toward the sunset.  She offered no explanation, and refused to discuss the matter with anyone.  But her legend lives on, and her name is remembered, unlike so many who came after her, and we are forced to conclude that she knew exactly what she was doing, that fateful day.  After all, hadn’t she always said that her art was all in the timing?

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