Doing my part for the novelty curve…

Shamelessly thieved from childeric, because I’ve run out of gigs, and in the absence of music-fuelled excitement, I need new things in my life.

(I admit, I include this one in the interests of seeing how the general tone of the responses goes, given Simon’s and my different friends-lists. Also, you know, salaciousness and laughs. All answers kept strictly confidential.)


And in childeric style-ee, some responses to the hidden question:

burge: She wasn’t there. There’s no justice.
cathuk: Whichever you’d rather, although one is funnier, obviously.
charlieinmcr: Exactly what is it you think I’m endowed with?
meetpaulblack: 2 problems – 1) That’s plainly impossible. 2) Even if it were possible, I fear it’d make me feel inadequate.
stu_n: You’re the second person to suggest that, but I can’t recall the last time I had a free Friday…

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