And so it ends…

As of Monday, I’m employed again.  So, that’s the end of my free time.

What worthwhile things have I done with it?

Well, I’ve seen a few films :
SAW: enjoyable serial killer horror.  Cary Elwes gives an excellent performance, some genuinely horrible bits.  Hits what it’s aiming at. 
AVP: Complete rubbish, but enough to keep my attention for as long as it asked for it.  Felt a bit cheated by the ending. 
THE INCREDIBLES: The best Pixar film yet.  Serious contender for film of the year.

I’ve read a few books:
JONATHAN STRANGE & MR NORRELL: excellent, imaginative stuff, thoroughly recommended.  The ending felt a bit sudden, although not rushed or unsatisfactory.
UNDERGROUND LONDON: One of the best books on the topic I’ve read – not perhaps as in depth as some, but it covers a great breadth of stuff, and does it without ever becoming dry, as plenty of other books do.

And I’ve been out and about a bit.  Hadn’t realised that the National Gallery has what is possibly my favourite painting on display, so that was a nice surprise yesterday, and I spent quite a while with that.  Finally managed to see John Dee’s bits and bobs at the British Museum, too.  Must’ve taken him a hell of a time to carve that wax.

If it weren’t for this lack of money thing, I could really live with unemployment.  As it is, I’ll be working for Sanctury Group as a web programmer.  Click around under “artist managment” on that site, if you’re at all curious about which acts are with them…

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