Will everyone please stop eating curry?

I went out tonight to see some mates I haven’t seen in ages.  They were going for a curry, and while my instinct was to say no, not two weeks in a row, I haven’t been out with this lot very much lately, so I thought I’d show my face.  This time out, were were at least seated by the door so I was doing OK up until the point they shut it.  Bastards.

So, another evening of mild nausea over, and I have failed to go clubbing like I’d been thinking of doing, thanks to a combination of mild lingering nausea and missing the last bus, so only getting back (thanks to a lift by a passing chum) at midnight, and not really wishing to have to dash out at breakneck pace for the last tube up to town.

But if anyone else suggests anything curry related as a group social activity in the next while, I’m going to be deeply unhappy, because there’s just no fucking way I’m going near a curry house in the next year or so.  I’m not even going near Brick Lane.  You can all shove your indian food up your arses.

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