Down to Earth…

With a splat. Like a bump, only less coherent, and with a slightly unpleasant texture.

This is more or less how I’m feeling this morning. Sometime around the middle of last week, I developed a bit of a sore throat. Not enough to warrant complaint, and nothing beyond that. I avoided the pub, and I took it a little easy at the gym, just to avoid putting stress on my system, because after all, I’m interviewing at the moment, and want to look bright eyed and alert, so as to impress prospective employers. By Saturday, I was feeling right as rain.

I am, of course, deeply stupid. It turns out that eating two meals all weekend, staying awake for 26 hours, and dancing for seven hours or so of that in an outrageously sweaty club, as well as the usual intake of toxins that pubbing and clubbing usually entails isn’t good for me. I mean, who knew? I’m hoping that taking things fairly easy today will sort me out – my plans for the evening extend to a decent meal and a few hours of City of Heroes, before an early night.

And speaking of the game, for those of you with any interest in MMORPGS, I heartily endorse City of Heroes. I’ve been playing for maybe ten hours thus far, and I’m completely hooked (the moment I left the beginners area, just in time to see someone’s higher level character lauching into flight trailing a blaze of silver light just sold me completely – I just looked at the pretty thing thinking “I want to do that…”), although I’m already thinking of sidelining my current primary character for a slightly cleverer powerset. I think I may conduct experiments this evening with a few new low-level chars, rather than putting in any serious time with one character.

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