A Good Day (slight return)

Long-time readers of my blog my remember that a little over two years ago, I wrote this:

“It’s been a good day today.  The sun has been shining down from a beautiful blue sky.  At lunch, I sat in the beer garden of a pub, drank an ice cold lime and soda, and enjoyed the summer.  I took a walk in a park this afternoon, and strolled underneath trees, before visiting my family for dinner.  As the sun set, and the sky turned an amazing red, shot though with silver clouds, I hopped on a train to see some good friends I haven’t seen in months, visiting from the states.We sat about and laughed and drank gin and tonic and ate great food and we had a wonderful time.  It’s been a really good day.”

Today, the sun did not shine, until I left the office to meet up with Andrew, and an American friend I don’t get to see enough of.  We walked through the backstreets of London, which are pretty much my favourite place to walk, and despite the day’s unpromising start, I found myself enjoying the early evening sunshine.  We went for good food, and enjoyed pleasant conversation.  I’m home now, and the sunset through my window is a beautiful as any Tooting has ever given me (and it’s given me many) cresents of cloud burn gold against the pale blue sky, lit by the sun.  All things considered, I’ve had a good day.

I end this post with the same sentence I ended that post with, two years ago.

I was laid off this afternoon.

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