What A Difference A Day Makes

Went for my usual walk round Battersea Park at lunch, as I have every day this week. The Park has unsurprisingly, been busy so far this week – full of people out enjoying the sun. Today, despite the generally OK weather (sunny patches through cloud, slightly cooler than the last couple of days), it was empty. Not just slightly less busy – empty. The only people I passed were a mother and child, a couple of people walking their dogs, and another couple of people from the Dog’s Home walking their packs of dogs. (One of the dogs from the home had no hind legs, and was instead strapped into a contraption that gave it rear wheels instead, allowing it to pull itself along by its front legs, like some living version of those old children’s toys. I managed not to laugh out loud, but only just.)

But aside from that, the place was deserted – there wasn’t even the usual collection of joggers. What does everyone else know that I don’t?

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