Sawin’ on a jaw bone violin

[Update notice: Black Ink has new content.]

Good weekend. Double dose of clubbing, which is slightly worrying, since I seem to have come out the end of it feeling pretty much fine, rather than the wreck I by rights ought to be (special prize to the people at for following “The Sick Bed Of Cuchulainn” by The Pogues with Flogging Molly’s “Devil’s Dance Floor”, which pleased me beyond measure – a pair of tracks I’ve never heard while out clubbing before, but which I adore…) and I even managed to run the second installment of the game on Sunday, and did not collapse in a tiny brain-fried heap as I’d feared I would. I’ve got a few re-writes to do on my notes for the next few sessions, just to re-structure act one a bit – based on player feedback, one of the things I had in mind for later needs shelving, but I can replace it with an interesting sort of action sequence, that’ll also play to some interesting stuff about one of the characters, so that’s OK.

Quiet week coming up, thank god. No gigs, no nights out, nothing planned for the weekend, and I’m going to be my best to keep it that way, I think. A rest, before Glastonbury…

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