Yesterday and Tomorrow

So, what happened to me this weekend? Well, I got an unexpectedly early night on Friday – I watched Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, then retired to bed with a book. I didn’t get a lot of reading done, though, because while I remember retiring to bed, the next thing I recall is it being seven-thirty on Saturday morning, which was something of a shock to me.

Saturday afternoon, and coffee somehow turned into a quick drink, which turned into several more drinks with redscharlach, mrtreacle and elethe which was a good laugh, although I’d like to take a moment to echo other people’s amused remarks about plateaus and precipices.

Sunday anw, marysiak and I took a wander down to Merton Abbey Mills, since we hadn’t been down that way in ages. Somehow, I got talked into buying a walking stick/cane thing. I also managed to buy some of my favourite orange juice, that Sainsbury’s one that’s Fresh orange, with strawberry pulp. My local Sainsburys doesn’t stock it, which is really bloody annoying, as they could make an easy tenner a week off me from that alone if they did. (OK, it’s hardly going to keep them afloat, but still, I figure if I’m willing to buy four or five bottles of the stuff a week, there must be other people that like it well enough to make it worth them stocking it…) I have also investigated the price of flats in that development, and found them to be out of reach, I fear.

Then I got home, and I do seem to have been well and truly bitten by the urge to run a game again – I’ve started writing up the NPCs, which is ace, because it’s forcing me to stretch creative muscles I haven’t really used in the last year or so, and I’m quite happy with what I’m coming up with. Mind you, I’m pretty sure that half the interesting bits of the dozen or so I’ve already written up will never come to light, but it’s nice to know them anyway, and it does at least make me feel like I’m being properly creative again…

In other news, I should be seeing “The Black Rider” in early June, and it looks worryingly like I’m going to be going to Glastonbury this year as well. Haven’t quite made my mind up yet, as well, it involves camping, and I have Views on camping, but I’m certainly leaning that way. Other than davebushe and rockoctopus is there anyone else on my friends list going?

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