Knot Dressed

I wear two pieces of jewellery – a fairly heavy plain steel band on the middle finger of my left hand, and a much smaller silver knotwork design on the little finger of my right hand. I take them off to go to the gym, and that’s it. I wouldn’t do that, but I can’t lift weights comfortably while wearing the steel one. The rings themselves aren’t terribly important to me – I bought them both myself and neither is outrageously pricey, but the wearing each of them is important, in different ways. I tend to fiddle with the steel one quite a lot, and am often seen looking mildly paniced when I drop the damn thing in a pub. The silver one, I more or less leave alone, as it’s a bit harder to remove.

I was wearing them both when I got up this morning.

Somewhere between getting out of bed, and getting on the bus, the silver one has vanished.

I feel undressed.

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