ATTN: networking types…

Most of you can skip this quite safely, and I apologise for cluttering up your friends lists with it, but I’m hoping the IT bods in the audience can help me…

Well, despite my best efforts, it looks like my all in one network box just isn’t up to the job, even on a small house network like this – the port forwarding is shonky, and it falls over under anything that remotely resembles load.

So, boys and girls, I need product recommendations for the following:

An ADSL modem.
A router with built in firewall, DHCP and NAT.
A wireless hub.

If you can recommened me a different all in one box to the one I’m using (A Netgear DG824M), that you’ve used in anything resembling a serious manner, than that’s good too. My requirements aren’t vast, you understand – I wanted to hang a low-traffic server and network of a couple of personal PCs off the back of it, and be able to copy up to say, half a gig of data at a time from one machine to another without the whole thing grinding to a halt – I don’t even need the data to move fast, just to not kill the whole network. That’s all.

Suggestions for the nerd on a budget?

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