Really – what was I thinking?

So, after getting marks for a wrong answer in zoo_music_girl‘s quiz, I was filled with an urge to listen to “Come In And Burn” by the Rollins Band. (I can hear meetpaulblack endorsing that from here). In the process, I found an album I’d given up as lost the other day, just in time to cancel the order for a replacement that I’d made on Amazon.

Now, like many people, I file my CDs by association, rather than alphabetically or anything sensible like that. It’s not quite the scary “autobiographical” scheme a la High Fidelity, but just artists that in some nebulous way remind be of one another, more favoured artists being more accessible than ones I almost never play. Tom Waits is next to Nick Cave and Diamanda Galas, for instance. The Paradise Motel is filed near The Cocteau Twins. But here’s a bit of filing that, a year after the fact (and I know for a fact I haven’t listened to either album since I filed them when I moved in) I’m at a complete loss to explain.

Someone, please, explain to me what I was thinking when I stuck the Rollins Band in next to The Fairport Convention…

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