On the Buses

Leaving work today, I got within sight of my bus-stop just in time to watch my bus pulling away. When I reached the stop, I discovered that there wasn’t likely to be another one for at least fifteen minutes. Bollocks to it, I thought. I shall walk along the route until another bus comes. Note: not run, not jog, just walk.

Approximately half an hour later, I overtook the bus that I had seen pulling away, and indeed, waited for five minutes at the next stop along for it to catch up with me.

The congestion charge zone isn’t big enough, or the price isn’t steep enough. One of the two. It’s complete insanity that it should be faster for me to walk two miles than take a bus. I can understand the need to own a car if you live out in the countryside, or want to go out there, but if you’re within the six zones of London transport, why in christ would you drive *inward* into London? You might as well walk…

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