Gwyneth Paltrow’s head…

12 things in a box, to be give to a stranger to sum me up.

1) iPod. I don’t go anywhere without music. If I go more than a day or so without playing music I like, I start to get a bit weird.
2) Visor and keyboard. Again, always with me. Creative geekery, mobile computing, etc etc. The visor would have some of my script frangments on it, probably the second chapter of Take A Walk…
3) One of those silver rune pendants, with the Ansuz rune on it. Odin’s rune, and the one on my tattoo.
4) Miniature raven statue from the Tower of London. It’s possibly the most all round symbol for me – Odin’s bird, the bloody history and macabre folklore of London.
5) A copy of the complete Winnie the Pooh stories. If I were forced to burn every book in existance but one, this would be what I’d save. Shakespeare and the rest can go hang – human literature has yet to better a bear of very little brain. [a]
6) Bottle of Bushmills 16. Cause, y’know, Northern Ireland and whiskey.
7) A copy of From Hell. Magic, Comics, London.
8) A golden apple with “Kallisti” written on it. Myth, chaos, Discordianism, overly-intellctual (snob.) gag.
9) A CD of The Moon and Serpent Grand Egyptian Theatre of Marvels. It’d be on the iPod, too, and part of it is in From Hell, but frankly, I don’t think it’s importance to me on many, many levels can be overstated.
10) Black leather. I hate the summer, because it means I can’t wear either of my jackets.
11) A cinnamon stick. I love the smell, and by the time the box is opened, the whole thing will smell good.
12) West Wing season one on DVD. The best series of the only TV show I really consider myself a fan of.

[a] I was going to put my stuffed pooh bear in the box, but I’m not fucking parting with that. I’ve said it before – I was given him on the day I was born, and if it’s up to me, I’ll part with him on the day I die. He is my only irreplacable possesion.

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