Well, that’s embarrassing…

I knew I’d not been the gym in a while. The weight I’ve put back is more than testament to that fact.

Still, since I seem to have spare time on my hands again I figured I’d fill it with sweaty masochistic practices, and try to get back into something that might pass for shape. So I popped along to the gym this evening to get a new membership card, since I’d lost my old one, with the intent of starting up again next month. So I get there, all set to pony up for a new card, only to discover that my membership has been cancelled. Last October, in fact. And I hadn’t noticed.


In other news, the oystercard people are bastards, who won’t let me buy a monthly bus pass via them (as least not on their website). Does anyone know if I can buy, say a weekly travelcard in order to get the card, and then after that, charge the thing with monthly bus passes (and no, pre-pay is no good to me), or is the only bus pass option the yearly one, even if you’ve already got the card?

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