Wherever I may roam…

Hitherto unconsidered difficulty of having wifi: I don’t have my own SMTP server for the sending of mail. I rely on those of my ISP/office, both of which only work if you’re hooked up on their network, which is only good if you know what they are. But when leeching bandwidth off unsecured networks, I can’t use them, and hell, even just having to switch settings whenever I go between home and office is more hassle than I really want. So I’ve spent a little cash, and got myself an account with AUTH SMTP, so I can send mail whever I am in a more convenient manner.

In order to do this, I’ve had to buy yet another domain name, which brings my total to something like 10 now, which is faintly absurd. I’ll probably ditch a couple of the unused ones come the new year, although now I think of it, it’s only one of them that qualifies for that, and I like the name too much to part with it. I’m sure I’ll get around to the site I was going to build on it one day. Honest.

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