What I Did On My Holidays (I)

Saw Fin play gig. Acquired cold everyone else had sense to have early in December. Went to shops on Xmas eve, despite best intentions, as brother and self had got Mum same DVD, so took mine back. Attempts to sleep thwarted by cold, rather than pre-Xmas excitement, as am now old, and like to lie in on Xmas day, although parents continue to thwart this ambition. Gave presents to family. Dad particularly chuffed with gift of collected edition of Master Li and Number Ten Ox stories by Barry Hughart, and a domain name of his own. Had Roast Turkey Dinner. Went to see Fin’s family. Dragged Fin back home. Watched Raiders of the Lost Ark. Slept, interrupted only slightly by cold. Watched rest of Indiana Jones movies. Made roast beef dinner. Pissed about on computer while Fin watched 24. Contemplating sleep and/or more booze.

Forgot how to use pronouns.

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