Roll This One Round Your Head…

Via Script Sales I see that there’s a remake of the 1950 film Last Holiday in the works. That’s fine. It’s this bit of information that’s fucking with my head right now: ” Queen Latifah set to play the role originated by Alec Guinness.”

2 replies on “ Roll This One Round Your Head… ”
  1. They’re just going to turn the ploy into a magical-black-person-shows-uptight-white-people-how-to-live movie, aren’t they? The gender of the main character isn’t really important.

    Nothing like as disturbing, stupid and downright wrong as Robin Williams playing all the Alec Guiness roles in a remake of Kind Hearts and Coronets, with Will Smith in the Dennis Price role, which is also on the cards, I believe.

  2. Or indeed Tom Bloody Hanks playing Alec Guinness in the remake of The Ladykillers.

    I don’t know where (or indeed whether) Alec Guinness is buried, but I’m imagining seismic activity there measuring 8 on the Richter scale…

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