No Time For, Well, Anything, Dr Jones.

Hugely busy weekend coming up. Out Friday night, out all day Saturday, write 15 or so pages of script on Sunday to catch up on missed Friday and Saturday, which should take me comfortable past one third done nicely ahead of schedule.

As always happens during periods where I have a lot of work going on, I find myself spontaneously generating ideas at a rate of knots so I’m amusing myself a bit at work by kicking around a pulp romp with zombie dinosaurs and fucking big snakes and Aztec gods, and wondering if I haven’t finally found a setting for a character I’ve been tinkering with for years called John Dials. The whole thing would play like Indiana Jones, if Indy made time for tea and scones every afternoon, and followed the cricket. And as I think about it more, I finally might be able to use the title BIG DEAD BONES…

Also toying with the idea of condensing some of the first ten pages of Stormbreak down to two – it’ll remove a small element of show and replace it with tell, but it might also excise a fairly weak sub-plot, and the replaced items won’t hurt too much, I think. Either way, it’ll wait to December…

3 thoughts on “No Time For, Well, Anything, Dr Jones.

  1. Perhaps more Dr Who meets Indy – Dials is very english, always impeccably dressed, never seems hurried or surprised.

    Which is why I thought it’d be fun to put him up against a Zombie Dinosaur. A really fucking big one.

    I don’t know why these Dr Who elements creep into so many of the things I do – I was never a big fan of the show…

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