Something strange is going on.

I’m organised. See, November and December are expensive months for me. Both my flatmates, my brother, and my girlfriend have birthdays in that period, and then there’s Christmas…

Here, at the start of October, I have bought/know what I’m getting for: my brother (both for birthday and Christmas) Fin (for her birthday and Christmas) Andrew (for his birthday) and my Dad (for Christmas). I’ve got a few ideas about what to get Marysia, too, although I’m going to wait and see if any better ideas present themselves in the next couple of months. By my count, then, the only person for whom I don’t at least have plans is my Mother, who, as per, will not give me any idea of the sort of thing she wants, but at least I know that M&S vouchers are always acceptable with her.

Whoever it is that’s using the orbital mind-control lasers to achieve this effect is doing a good job.

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