Dogshit Day.

I can feel one of those days forming around me. The mobile mast I can see though my window is transmitting on frequencies that are filling my headphones with static and weird feedback, like some alien ambient soundtrack. This wouldn’t be so bad, except that it’s bypassing the volume control, and causing them to transmit a levels that are audible from halfway down the corridor. Seriously. So I have unplugged them, leaving me unable to mainline the mix of, Tom Waits, mclusky and Charles Mingus that I’ve got set on the playlist, which is deeply distressing, and may result in my cracking up if something doesn’t change soon.

But worse still, I’m in a limbo of “waiting for the client” on just about every project I’m working on, so I’ve got very little to do. So, tell me of things to read. I want something to stare at that won’t make it screamingly obvious that I’m not working, in the way that playing a web game of some sort will.

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