Coughing bloody into a hanky.

Yes, I’ve got consumption again. All I need is to start noncing about in a big frilly shirt writing poetry and getting into fights, and they’ll be mistaking me for a romantic poet. So, in the spirit of cultural critique:

“Frontline” by The Newcranes. Guitar and accordion drive Midlands crustyrock from the early Nineties. Nostalgia exercise. Levellers-esque, eaither with a greater sense of whimsy or just dodgy songwriting. “This love was made in heaven/This love was so divine/But now instead of sweet white wine/It tastes like turpentine”.

Gravelands” by The King. Belfast-born Elvis impersonator doing covers of classic rock tracks in the style of, well, Elvis. Annyoingly, I see that I apear to have an older version. With less tracks. And it cost more. Arses. But it’s ace, so that’s ok.

24, Series 1 & 2. Already seen series 1. Hadn’t seen Series 2, and am coming up on halfway through it now. And getting slightly tired of the plot twists as two minutes two the hour. So far, I think there have been two episiodes that haven’t had them, and that’s just because they’ve managed to set up a character’s life being in peril about ten-fifteen minutes earlier, and keep them in that state for the rest of the episode. Also, am completely failing to give a fuck about the sub-plot with Kim. Can we just write her out of the next one, please?

The Man Who Sued God. Adequate Billy Connoly vehicle, weighed down by gross sentimentality in places. Enough good moments to mean that I didn’t feel I wasted my fiver, but one that could easily wait for video.

Pirates of The Carribean. Decided to see it again. Enjoyed it just as much the second time around.

New coffee grinder. Finally bought a burr grinder, for the making of better coffee. I fully endorse this product and/or service. Now I just need a decent espresso machine…

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