Round up:

Andrew’s been away and Marysia’s been t00bing, but what have I been doing?

Well, yesterday I wore a suit all day, which was unsettling, but well worth it. It was my little brother’s graduation (hence the formalwear) – he got an upper second in Bsc Multimedia from Brunel. Our whole family is hugely proud of him.

Prior to that, at the weekend, I took deliver of a new PC. It’s the first time I’ve built my own, and more importantly, it’s the first time I’ve owned a desktop PC with a seriously high-end spec – the onther desktops I’ve had have been budget models that were good enough for what I wanted at the time, but little to no futureproofing. This thing, on the other hand, goes like a bastard. There are a few wiring problems with the top panel on the case that I need to smooth out when I have the time, but I can safely say I’m delighted with this, not least because it gives me that dual monitor set-up I’ve always wanted. :)

I also fear that I may be about to lose a large chunk of my time to Neverwinter Nights – it never quite ran properly on my old machine, so I’ve hardly done more than give it a quick once over, but it goes like shit off a shovel on the new one, and looks ace, so if you don’t see much of me for a while, that’s why.

I signed up to in the end, and am hoovering down MP3s at speed with a clear

conscience. Got the new Dropkick Murphys album on the way, for example, and a small shitload of Thelonious Monk.

Oh, and somehow I have to come up with a script for a three panel strip (that format, at any rate) that’ll work as a trailer for “Take a Walk” – specifically for “Camden”. Since Camden is, in large part, an introductory piece, a trailer for a larger concept, this is going to be an interesting exercise.

In other news: Starbucks are less evil than I thought. The corp-culture stuff is a little scary, but interesting rationalised, but it’s the bit about how people from Oxfam say that the third world would be better off if more coffee buyers were like Starbucks that’s interesting (link lifted from Dan).

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