Remaining upright.

Developed extremely painful cramp/spasm things in my calves last night while swimming, and my legs still feel a bit odd.

Am currently listening to a guy called Jason Webley, a friend of Fin’s mum’s who we went to see perform on Tuesday night, after Fin’s exhibition (which was impressive). He’s an accordionist whose style reminds me of Tom Waits, especially on tracks like “Graveyard” and “Devil Be Good”, and he really is a fantastic performer. There was an improv jazz bunch on before his, and half an hour of experimental improv jazz had me about ready to commit hari kiri, but fifteen minutes later, he’d got an audience, who’d been bordering on complete torpor before he came on, standing on their feet singing along raucously. He’s doing Glasonbury, and if you’re going, stop by the cabaret tent to see him, for god’s sake.

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