Nauseating, but important

If this is for real (and I’ve no reason to suspect it isn’t) then this is yet another entertaining example of the collossal bastardy of the US govt, and, more importantly, needs circulating. Caveat: features seriously disturbing pictures of badly deformed babies, made that way by the after-effects of Depleted Uranium dust, left behind by the ammunition the US used in it’s wars in the gulf, which is will not mow permit Iraq the tools to clean up. There’s a text piece as a lead in, so you won’t see any photos immediately on clicking, and it’s worth reading in itself – scroll down and look at a few of the photos, though, just to see how bad this actually can be – they’re where the visceral impact of the thing lies.

Yes, of course this could be spin. Those might be the sum total of all the deformed babies born in Iraq since Desert Storm. But even if they are, if there’s even a chance that more will be born, how can the US justify not permitting a clean up?

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