Anyone want to give me a lift to Oxford?

Like, tonight. And, y’know, drop me back again, too? I’d like to go see Flogging Molly again (saw ’em last night, they were fantastic), and they’re playing in Oxford tonight, it turns out (on Cowley Road, wherever that is), but I need to get back here tonight, in order to, y’know, work tomorrow.

I’ll happily pay petrol, and a for a ticket to the gig for anyone that gives me a lift. :)

No, didn’t think so. Anyone fancy getting the train with me, then?

2 thoughts on “Anyone want to give me a lift to Oxford?

  1. Argh! Don’t know if you’ll get this in time, but the X90 and Oxford Tube coaches run 24 hours between Oxford and London, check Google for the appropriate websites.

    The Cowley Road venue is probably the Zodiac. From the coach station, get somebody to direct you to Carfax, grab a number 1 or 5 bus and get off after Tescos. I shall see you there, quite probably.

  2. Already looked into it – can’t work it in any manner that’ll let me see the whole show and have me back in my bed before about 2 in the morning, and I really need a decent night’s sleep tonight. I just couldn’t find a lift, damn it…

    Enjoy the show.

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