Let’s Talk About Magic.

So, I’m feeling like shit, my brain’s a weird syncopation around the real world, and I spent half my day drifiting in and out of a strange psycho-political landscape, fever dreaming in time to the third season of The West Wing. I’m trying to put together questions for an interview with Grant Morrison about the relationship between comics and magic, and actually, all I seem to do is jot down my notes, theories and ideas about the link between us an our fictions. I’m re-reading a piece I wrote a couple of years back for a fringe-culture magazine that I don’t think ever saw the light of day, and allowing for the fact that the pop culture references date it slightly (less that I’d thought they would – the Beckhams are a little less current now, but that’s it) it’s still passable. There are a few nice phrases in there, but it’s knocking on 2000 words, so there ought to be a few occaisions where I hit my stride.

The piece was an attempt to understand magic as a tool for identity manipulation. What Robert Anton Wilson calls “meta-programming”. Last year, for Ninth Art’s 24 hour comic event, I wrote a story that was a tool to teach me more about the Kabbalisitic Tree Of Life, but I think in the end, it had more to tell me about fiction and reality than about the Kabbalah. I think perhaps that’s what I need to do here. A twenty minute speech on fiction as magic. See what I come out of it with, and then see if that’s a start point for an interview.

It’s that, or I get stinking drunk, and write down whatever old shite comes into my head. That’s worked OK in the past.

2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Magic.

  1. When you’re ill getting drunk doesn’t usually help.

    You should friend , you two seem to be interested in a lot of the same things (kabbalah, john dee).

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